How Spiritual and Physical Health Go Hand in Hand

In this time and era, we are all so busy in our lives that we often forget to stop and look at ourselves. Are we healthy? Are we happy? Are we just alive or are we actually living? Sadly, most of us realize the importance of physical, mental and spiritual health when it’s too late.

Most of the times, we consider only the physical health of a person to determine if they are healthy, while spiritual health is often overlooked. In reality, spiritual health is just as important as physical health. If you are not happy and healthy spiritually, this will definitely take a toll on your physical health as well. Balancing your physical health and spiritual health can help you live a peaceful and fruitful life. It is important to know that physical and spiritual health go hand in hand.

Why Is Mental and Spiritual Health Important?

meditation for mental healthAlmost every person out there knows the importance of physical health. To be healthy is the utmost priority of every human being because that is what ensures our wellness. People who are physically fit and healthy tend to live 7 to 8 years longer as compared to individuals who are unhealthy. Focusing on physical health helps you fight against hundreds of fatal illnesses and diseases. Good physical health increases standards of living and allows you to live a better and happy life.

Spirituality is another crucial factor in ensuring a good life. Just like physical health, spiritual heath is responsible for the wellbeing of a person. There is no point in living if you don’t have any values and beliefs. These values and beliefs may include believing in a higher power or having a purpose in life. Most people find solace when they pray and meditate. In fact, regular meditation shows its effects on the mental and physical health of a person.

Mental, physical and spiritual health are connected with one another. For example, when you feel sad, you often lose your appetite, but when you feel happy from the inside, it is visible as a healthy glow on your face. Hence, a person who finds peace within themselves promotes peace in their surrounding environment as well.

How to Be Fit Physically and Spiritually

It’s never too late to change your habits so that you can have a better, happier and longer life. Focus on your health goals. Make sure you are not overburdening yourself and that you are giving proper time and attention to your health. Here are a few steps that can help you get better both physically and spiritually:

Physical Health


The benefits of daily exercise can’t be stressed enough. Exercising reduces stress and increases energy level. It enhances your immune system and helps you fight against diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer and many other diseases. One to two hours of daily exercise can help improve your health and lifestyle. Personally, I have found success with biking and doing long walks in the morning. I teach my eldest daughter to be active physically in a way to be in tune with all aspects of health. She chooses activities like biking and longboarding (our good friend Gary had his son write a post on the best shoes to longboard with at; so if doing so is an interesting idea for you to get exercising, by all means go for it!) Other ideas I have for exercise include walks on the park with family or yoga, both mildly tame hobbies that will at least get you up and feeling better both physically and spiritually!

Nutrition and Diet

You are what you eat. Eat healthy, and you will be healthy. Proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals provide you with the energy you need to perform daily functions. Low energy levels, fatigue, or weight loss indicate that you’re not having a balanced diet. Keep an eye on your weight and the amount of food you are consuming.

Alcohol and Drugs

Smoking and other drugs can have drastic effects on your health. You might develop the risk of deadly diseases such as cancer, chronic heart diseases, and high cholesterol level. According to studies, avid smokers tend to live 10 years less as compared to nonsmokers. If you want to be healthy, avoid drugs.

Rest and Sleep

Overworking yourself and not resting can have a bad impact on your health. Doctors advise to get eight hours of sleep daily so that your body can work properly. Not resting causes fatigue and body pain. Sleeping also gives rest to your brain, which is necessary as well. If you want to perform better and stay healthy in the long run, make sure you are properly resting every day.

Spiritual Health


Bad vibes and negativity may affect your mental and spiritual health more than you think. Make sure you surround yourself with positive and optimistic people. Try to avoid negativity as much as you can.

Meditation and Yoga

Both your body and mind are affected positively through yoga. Yoga has been practiced for literally thousands of years and offers tons of benefits. It helps clear your mind, reduces stress and anxiety and makes you feel fresh spiritually. It also helps you sleep better and is a mood booster.

Healthy Stress Relief

Many people tend to cope with stress and depression through drugs and alcohol. This affects how you think and behave. Although drugs may provide a temporary solution for stress, you should not forget how they can ruin your life as well. Try to relieve stress through exercise, yoga and meditation. If you still feel stressed, try contacting a counsellor.

Explore Your Spirit

Ask yourself about the purpose of your life and concentrate on the path that will help you achieve your goals. If you are a religious person and find peace and serenity in being close to god, practice your faith. Your spiritual health has a positive impact on your life when you find your purpose in life.


Caring for your spiritual health is just as important as caring for your physical health. It will even have a positive outcome on your physical health, but if you are neglecting either of them, you are not being fair to your well-being. Learn to be happy and forgive others. Forgiveness is considered a method of healing the mind, soul and body. Also, having negative intentions or thoughts can damage your mind and body, so try to steer clear of them. Realize the importance of your health before it’s too late to get another chance.