Simple 3 steps to study a bible

In order to understand the god better and know more about the Christianity, most of the Christians and also the people from some other religions would often like to read the bible. Whenever you are involving in the bible study, it is highly essential to know some of the important approaches which are really very effective to do the bible study. There are three most important steps available to understand different things like goddess, mankind and everything explained in bible. They include,

  • Step 1: Observation
  • Step 2: Interpretation
  • Step 3: Application

First two steps to do the bible study:

In the first step, there is an observation about the bible and you will learn everything about the passage. In this step, you will learn how to study the bible in an effective manner. While reading the texts in the bible, you should have to carefully look at what is said and also how it is said in every part of the bible book. There are several important terms existing in the bible and they are completely different from the words used in the different ways in the particular context. At the same time, you should have to look at the structure, emphasis, repetition of terms or words and also the relationships between the ideas which appear in the text of the bible.

The next step is the interpretation in order to discover the actual meaning of the passage and as well as the main idea or thought of the author. During the observation process, there are different types of questions arising. For such questions, you have to answer and it will surely help everyone in this interpretation process of the next step. The readers can able to answer most probably 75 % of your questions about the passage in the bible when you are reading the text in the context. Reading such texts usually involve looking at the by context and also the far context. You should also have to do the essential cross references carefully to get your preferable answers. The bible was written long before many years so you should first understand the cultural context of the writers during the interpretation process.

Next important step to do the bible study:

Application is a main reason why everyone studies a bible. All people would often like to get changes in their life and they wish to be obedient to god. At the same time, they want to grow more like the Jesus Christ. After the readers have observed a passage, understood the context of the text and also interpreted, you should then have to apply its truth to your own life. Whenever you are studying a bible, you must have to ask some of the important questions towards every passage of scripture. They include,

  • How does the revealed bible context truth affect your relationship with god?
  • How does that truth affect you?
  • How does that truth affect your relationship with other persons?

All of these questions will give you the best answers if you understood everything explained in the bible.